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Strengths of Peru

Rich in base and precious metals, natural gas, oil, a great variety of climates, low inflation rates and an impressive annual economic grow are just some of Peru´s strengths.

1.Peru has rich deposits of copper, silver, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, petroleum and urea.
2.Owing to climate variations in its regions, as well as its natural and cultural resources, it is internationally classified as a mega-diverse country.
3.The Peruvian economy has had the lowest annual average inflation rate in Latin America, at 2.5%, below that of Chile (2.9%), Colombia (4.6%) and Brazil (6.0%).
4.Impressive annual growth rate of 3.3% of its GDP achieved in 2015, which gives the country the privileged ranking of one of the fastest-growing economies in the Region.
5.Over the past decade, Peru´s GPD has tripled as a result of the country´s economy growth, moving increasingly towards a middle and upper-middle income economy.
6.It´s rapid expansion has contributed to the reduction of the national poverty rate by almost 18% in the last seven years, to around 21.8% of its total population in 2015.
7.Peru is a member of the Pacific Alliance, an organization that seeks to facilitate the liberation of trade in goods and services, the free movement of people and capital, and to promote mechanisms for cooperation among member countries (Chile, Colombia and Mexico).
8.A Country Program is being pursued with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to strengthen its public policies.

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