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When you are part of inPeru you will enjoy the following benefits:

Great Benefits

Being part of the largest Peruvian association that promotes foreign investment and the development of opportunities in Peru.

Preferential access to the events that inPERU organizes and / or those that inPERU is invited to, both in Peru and abroad.

Opportunity to submit projects for study or consideration of the Board of the General Assembly.

Be part of our Road Shows

Participation of one (1) front line executive of your company as an official member of the Peruvian delegation in the Road Shows that take place during the year of membership.

Participation in the "one on one" meetings organized in the Road Shows (subject to submission of company information and project portfolio).

Possibility of inviting up to five (5) participants to the Seminars free of charge, as long as these guests perform tasks, operations or business in the city visited.

Your brand as part of our activities

Possibility of providing interviews as spokesman of your company to the national and international media covering our activities.

Opportunity to participate in activities, work plans and programs of the association, committing to fulfill the tasks to which the company has offered to organize.

Possibility to send holidays and / or Christmas presents to the national press, through the Association.

Special discount to be a sponsor of the Road Shows organized by inPERU.

Digital presence

Reception of the monthly inPERU Newsletter directed to associates.

Possibility to publish the events and publications organized by your company on our monthly newsletter.

Access to the Road Show database. This list consists on the information of the foreign investors that attended our Seminar (previously signing a con_dentiality agreement).

Presence of your company logo on our website, social networks and institutional documents.

Become an Associate Member

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