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The 10th Road Show New York took place on March 9th – 10th, 2016. On the first day, the seminar PERU: EMERGING COUNTRY OF GREAT OPPORTUNITIES, took place. This event began with the Ambassador of Peru in USA, Mr. Luis Miguel Castilla’s welcoming remarks; followed by the presentation of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Alonso Segura. This seminar discussed relevant issues of Peru’s current situation, such as the analysis of economic policies after the presidential elections by Hugo Santa Maria, Chief Economist of Apoyo Consultoria, and the discussion of the possible scenarios after the MSCI classification, topic approached in a panel format.

New York

On March 10th, the Peruvian delegation took part in the famous ringing bell ceremony that starts the stock market operations at NASDAQ. During the visit, the logo of Peru brand was displayed for the first time on the outdoor market screens in Times Square.

The tenth Road Show brought together more than 450 attendees, reconfirming the interest of US investors




    Politics and the economy in Peru: Beyond the coming elections

    InPERU Road Show New York - Hugo Santa María, (APOYO Consultoría)

    Expanding Equity Market Liquidity in Peru

    InPERU Road Show New York - Christian Laub (Lima Stock Exchange)

    Investment Opportunities in Public Infrastructure 2016 - 2018

    InPERU Road Show New York – Carlos Herrera (PROINVERSION)

    Monetary Policy: A Key Driver for Long Term Macroeconomic Stability

    InPERU Road Show New York – Julio Velarde, (BCRP)


    Results Report



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