Road Shows

Descripcion Road Show

Our Road Shows have the objective of showing the benefits and opportunities that we offer as a country by visiting the most important cities of the world.

We invite you to learn about our work over the years.

The twelfth Road Show North America 2017 was celebrated from May 29th to 31st in the cities of Toronto and New York. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Alfredo Thorne, and Mr.

El décimo primer Road Show Europa 2016, se realizó del 17 al 19 de octubre en las ciudades de Londres y Madrid, las plazas europeas más importantes para la inversión peruana.

The 10th Road Show New York took place on March 9th – 10th, 2016. On the first day, the seminar PERU: EMERGING COUNTRY OF GREAT OPPORTUNITIES, took place.

The Asia Road Show took place between September 7th and 11th in the cities of Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. The Peruvian delegation was headed by Mr.

The Brazil Road Show 2015 took place between March 17th and March 19th 2015 in the city of Sao Paulo.

This Road Show took place the first week of September with the visit of three important European cities: Madrid, Zurich and London.

On March 6th and 7th, our delegation, headed by Minister Castilla and Julio Velarde, visited New York for the second time.

Our fith Road Show started with a Ringing Bell Ceremony at the Lima Stock Exchange with Miguel Castilla, Finance and Economy Minister, Juan Pablo Córdoba, Chairman of the Stock Exchange of Colombia

Our fourth Road Show, on which we had more than 1000 investors, took place at Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt and London, from May 25th to 31st.

Our third Road Show took place on January 28th – 31st at the cities of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. On this opportunity we had more than 900 attendees interested in our country.

On this second Road Show we visited the main cities of Asia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapur and had more than 550 potential investors.

Our first Road Show in London, United Kingdom, managed to generate a great expectation for British investors. This allowed us to have more than 350 attendees.

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