Adrián Revilla Vergara

Adrián Revilla Vergara

Adrián Revilla Vergara



Born in Lima, Peru, in 1955.  Master of Arts in International Economics at Sussex University (England) and Lawyer at Catholic University of Peru.

Currently, General Manager of the Peruvian Bankers Association, President of the Peruvian Electronic Clearing House, Executive Director of Center for Financial Studies – CEFI of ASBANC,; President and General Manager of Cruzada Vial Association (Road safety), and Lawyer Partner at Rey & de los Rios.

He has been General Manager of Comercial Industrial Delta SA, General Manager of Banco del Trabajo, Of Counsel Attorney at Miranda & Amado Law Firm; Executive Director at Andino Capital Markets Stock Market Agent, National Superintendent of Peruvian Tax Administration (SUNAT), General Manager of Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), Head of the Legal Department of the Peruvian Central Bank, Head of the Legal Department in the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Principal Advisor for the Minister of Justice.

Former President of PROETICA (Peruvian chapter of Transparency International) and Vice Chairperson of Transparency Civil Association.

Member of the Lima Bar Association since 1981.  He has been professor of Statistics, Micro and Macro Economics and Civil Law at the Catholic University of Peru and professor of Cultural Policy course at the University of Lima.

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