Martín Pérez Monteverde

Martín Pérez Monteverde

Martín Pérez Monteverde

Vice President


Senior executive with studies Business Administration, Marketing and Finance at the University of the Pacific, graduated from the Advanced Management Program at the University of Piura, with a 24-year career, 19 of them in private and in May activity in the public sector, as Congressman of the Republic and Minister of State in the portfolio of Foreign Trade and Tourism. He is Chairman of Senso Consulting SAC, and Director of Inversiones Centenario SA, Pacifico Peruano Suiza, Sigma Management Company Investment Funds (SAFI), the Foreign Trade Society of Peru - COMEXPERU - and President of the National Confederation of Institutions Private business - CONFIEP.

He currently serves on the following institutions:

Association of Entrepreneurs for Education - ExE Director of the Board

Institute for Quality and Accreditation Career of Engineering and Technology - ICACIT: Member of the General Assembly

IN PERU: Director of the Board

Peruvian Institute of Economics - IPE: Director of the Board

PERU 2021: Director of the Board

Business Solutions Poverty - SEP: Director of the Board

Member of the National Accord Forum: PCM - National Agreement

Ministry of Economy and Finance - MEF: Director of the Board of the National Competitiveness Council

Ministry of Justice: Member of the National Council for Human Rights

Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion: National Council of Labour and Employment Promotion - CNTPE: Director of Sector Employers

Judiciary: Member of the Advisory Council of the Judiciary

Presidency of the Council of Ministers - PCM
- Member of the Commission High Level Corruption
- Member of the Permanent Multisectoral Commission for Productive Diversification

SUNAT: Member of the Working Group of Internal Revenue

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